Tell your parents if you have personal problems

In this book when nick gets sasha pregnant, he doenst tell his mom about the problem. His nor her parents even knew they were having sex, untill it was to late. So this told me that he was scared to tell anyone about his problem in his relationship.And I know that there are guys out there that do things that they didnt mean, then they have no clue what to do. So even tho somthing bad might happen, its ok to tell someone even you parents. At least they can help you insred of being stuck inbetween a rock and a hard place.

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3 Responses to Tell your parents if you have personal problems

  1. lexi cruz says:

    he shouldnt keep his problems to him self cause then it would overwelm him and then he would be lost more and dont know what to do you should always tell anyone your friends or family about whats goin on in your life and if you need help.

  2. if there are kids out there to scared to talk to their parents then they should go see a councelor or some adult that will listen and not judge because holding it all in isnt good especially the girl should have really told someone because they could help her and direct her to what she needs to do

  3. I agree. even if you dont want to tell your parents you should atleast tell a friend or someone that can help!

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