Its ok for guys to cry.

In this book nick crys over sashs after they broke up. He didnt hear from her in days, and he had or love to hear her voice every day. That sent him into a sorrow state of mind. He also showed sorrow by always talking about how much he missed her and wanted to be with her. To me, it takes a real man to cry. Nick is a man who really cared about sashas well being. So when a man cares that much about something dear to him, yes I think its ok for them to cry.

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3 Responses to Its ok for guys to cry.

  1. lexi cruz says:

    yes i feel the same way as you do if a man really cares so much for you and wants to be with u and tells you have they feel sometimes they cry to show how they feel

  2. it really is because only a real man cries and shows affection. atleast he cared to show some sorrow he could have been like a whole bunch of men and just moved on to the next girl.

  3. Well I agree with it!! And ill be honest, Im a guy that will cry if I want to! If I go to say I love u to the woman of my dreams or something sweet and emotional yea im going to cry!

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