Dont tell you friends try to talk you out.

In this book nicks friends try to tell him to forget about sasha. She is just a girl. You will find another. Well im sorry, but I think that those are not his ture friends. They should have helped him through the problem, and backed him up 100%. I think its ok to have your friends opinions, but you need to think about how its going to affect you in the long run. But most importently think about what you think is right. Only you really know how you feel.

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4 Responses to Dont tell you friends try to talk you out.

  1. lexi cruz says:

    if that guy really likes the girl ill be a rally hard time to get over her so his friends should be by his side and help him out through the problem

  2. you have such good posts!!!!! 🙂 love themmm!

  3. nick needs to go be a man and go get sasha back in his life and try to work out their problems.

  4. I totally agree! There should be more guys out there that know how to listen to their heart! Instead of trying to be all cool they need to learn that girls dont like guys who are cool. They like guys who can treat them with love and respect!

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