Dont have sex at a young age.

In this book a sixteen year old boy got a young girl pregnet.well this right here tells me that yea there are young people having sex and are not being carful. I think about this is that sence kids are haveing sex at such a young age we should do more to teach them about sex then what we do today. Only because the things in this book, iv seen in real life.

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3 Responses to Dont have sex at a young age.

  1. lexi cruz says:

    yeahh younger kids dont know what will happen if you have sex and somethin bad happens like gettin pregnant or gettin other things ,theres alot of younger kids gettin pregnant and not knowing what to do . we need to have sex classes at school to teach them what to do .

  2. i got plenty of friends that have got pregnant at a very young and they are younger than me and im 17 wow!! parents should really sit down and talk to their kids but its really up to the kids to make that smart decsion to not have sex and wait!!!

  3. I agree with having sex education classes! instead of running around telling everyone that they cant have sex knowing that they are still gonna have sex, they should teach them about safe sex. And most importantly if your gonna have sex at such a young age atleast be smart about it and share that moment with one person only!! Because sex is a very beautiful thing! Its meant to be a connection between two people that love each other! To show each other love and affection!

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