Dont beat yourself up.

In this book sasha breaks up with nick because she is pregnent and she has to think about what she needs to do. And my I add Nick was in love with sasha. Well nick did some things and found out that it didnt help him at all. With that being said, yes if you love someone with all your heart, and you never want to lose them, dont beat your self up. Dont go to parties and drink and get high. Its only going to help for that moment and time. Just think anout the good times you had together. And just let the other person know you still care. So then hopfully they will stay your friends and still be in your life.

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3 Responses to Dont beat yourself up.

  1. lexi cruz says:

    if i was sasha i would have broken up with him cause i got pregnant cause your suppose to be in this togeather not jst leave someone cause of that.

  2. well personally i think that sasha shouldnt have broke up with nick but she should have sat him down and actually talked about the pregnancy and they both could have decided on what to because it takes 2 to have a baby 1 person shouldnt have to make the decsion by themselves.

  3. True!! If you love someone then love them! Dont go doing other things to try and make yourself happy! Because if you truly love them then if you go to them they should be able to make happy!

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