Dont tell you friends try to talk you out.

In this book nicks friends try to tell him to forget about sasha. She is just a girl. You will find another. Well im sorry, but I think that those are not his ture friends. They should have helped him through the problem, and backed him up 100%. I think its ok to have your friends opinions, but you need to think about how its going to affect you in the long run. But most importently think about what you think is right. Only you really know how you feel.

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Its ok for guys to cry.

In this book nick crys over sashs after they broke up. He didnt hear from her in days, and he had or love to hear her voice every day. That sent him into a sorrow state of mind. He also showed sorrow by always talking about how much he missed her and wanted to be with her. To me, it takes a real man to cry. Nick is a man who really cared about sashas well being. So when a man cares that much about something dear to him, yes I think its ok for them to cry.

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Dont beat yourself up.

In this book sasha breaks up with nick because she is pregnent and she has to think about what she needs to do. And my I add Nick was in love with sasha. Well nick did some things and found out that it didnt help him at all. With that being said, yes if you love someone with all your heart, and you never want to lose them, dont beat your self up. Dont go to parties and drink and get high. Its only going to help for that moment and time. Just think anout the good times you had together. And just let the other person know you still care. So then hopfully they will stay your friends and still be in your life.

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Tell your parents if you have personal problems

In this book when nick gets sasha pregnant, he doenst tell his mom about the problem. His nor her parents even knew they were having sex, untill it was to late. So this told me that he was scared to tell anyone about his problem in his relationship.And I know that there are guys out there that do things that they didnt mean, then they have no clue what to do. So even tho somthing bad might happen, its ok to tell someone even you parents. At least they can help you insred of being stuck inbetween a rock and a hard place.

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Dont have sex at a young age.

In this book a sixteen year old boy got a young girl pregnet.well this right here tells me that yea there are young people having sex and are not being carful. I think about this is that sence kids are haveing sex at such a young age we should do more to teach them about sex then what we do today. Only because the things in this book, iv seen in real life.

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